Yoga Benefits  for Health Improvement

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Yoga benefits health.  Total health of  your body and mind improves with the help of Yoga. .  It is easy to learn and practise Yoga  as per your own convenience.  Once you have learned yoga- theory and practice i.e. various postures of yoga, it is up to you when to do it, how to do it and where to do it.   Within your comfort of home you can daily practice yoga.  Once you know and understand its impact on body and mind you would not hesitate to do it every day.

Following are various health benefits of Yoga.  Patanjali yoga is real authoritative guide on the subject of yoga.  Now many more have come and given their personal name to it with some twists here and there.

  1. Improves Flexibility – Regular practice of yoga would make your body more flexible. On a first day or in a first week, you even may not be able to bend forward completely. But does not matter. Slowly and gradually you can learn everything.  Your body can become as flexible as that of a young girl in circus ring.   Your hardened body would systematically start moulding and bending.
  2. Muscular strength – Strength of the muscles is important aspect of our muscles. Building muscle strength is possible with yoga. Yoga is a more balanced approach to muscles building.  There are number of Asanas ( poses ) which help to muscle building.   If you want to build muscle without going to gym, yoga is alternative available to you.  By maintaining the poses for longer period you can build various muscles.
  3. Prevents joint breakdown – In different yoga postures you are making use of various joints of your body. There are number of poses you can learn and practice. There is no other form of exercise or workout wherein you can make use of all your joints and strengthen them.  Various yoga poses makes your joints flexible and also strengthen the muscles around your joints.
  4. Improves Bone Health – It is known fact that weight bearing exercises strengthen bones and helps avoid osteoporosis. Similarly there are various postures in yoga where in you lift your whole body weight, thus strengthening your bones. Yoga results in reducing stress hormone cortisol, which helps to maintain the calcium in your bones. Back bends, spinal twists and different asanas which test your balance and core strength can surely improve bone density and ward off osteopenia and osteoporosis.
  5. Increases blood flow –  Yoga helps the blood circulation to all body parts and cells.  It also helps to provide more oxygen to your body cells.  Yoga has been found effective in increasing the haemoglobin and red blood cells, carrying oxygen to the tissues.   It reduces clot formation thereby reduces the risk of heart attacks
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