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Does Sugar Promotes Cancer ??


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The idea that cancer cells grow and depend on excess sugar was born a long time ago when a German scientist, Otto Warburg, discovered that cancer cells in a container consumed large amounts of sugar. He also noted that these cancer cells lack an efficient way to collect this energy generated by glucose and convert it into lactate.

However, several studies have clearly shown that this is truly incorrect and that there is no link between sugar-free diets that reduce the risk of cancer.

The human body has a built-in mechanism to maintain a certain range of glucose levels, especially when it drops to dangerously low levels. Even if sugar is eliminated from the diet, the body uses other reserves to maintain blood sugar. Thus, you will not “starve” cancer cells by eliminating sugar from your diet.

When sugar is extracted from cancer cells, growth does not slow down and the sugar is no longer released to accelerate growth.

Obesity is linked to almost 13 different types of cancer. The reason is the increase in body fat, which promotes inflammation which eventually damages DNA and leads to cancer.
Obesity is one of the most important changing risk factors for cancer after smoking.

There are many sources of refined sugar such as:
• Sugary drinks
• Pasta
• Pie
• sauces
• salad dressing and
• Much more on the list.
Avoid or reduce the consumption of these products.
You can replace them with more natural sugars such as honey, brown sugar or maple syrup, which contain antioxidants that protect your body.

However, it is important to keep your daily sugar intake at an acceptable level.

Sugar should be consumed in additional amounts for a balanced diet. Too much sugar can lead to unhealthy weight gain, obesity and an increased risk of cancer. Control this sweet tooth and find a way to include more natural sugar and less processed food in your diet.

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