Adverse effects of sleep deprivation

Understanding why we sleep has been studied for years.
The Centers for Disease Control and Control finds that one in three Americans does not get enough sleep and that insufficient sleep is associated with several health problems. For example, if you sleep less than five hours a night, your risk can be doubled by heart disease or stroke. The researchers also found a persistent link between lack of sleep, weight gain and insulin resistance.

Sleep deprivation also affects your mental and cognitive abilities and your emotional well-being. One of the reasons why lack of sleep is so damaging is that it not only affects one aspect of your health: it affects many.

In a recent study on diabetes care, researchers discovered that not only the number of hours of sleep per night, but also the regularity of their sleep affected their health.
Previous research has shown adverse health effects in sleep deprivation. However, this new study found that if participants do not follow regular sleep and wake schedules, they run a greater risk of obesity, high blood pressure, low blood sugar and other metabolic disorders.
Irregular sleep and metabolic syndrome.
Irregular sleep patterns increased the risk of metabolic syndrome by 23% per hour of sleep difference. a chronic loss of one hour increased the risk by 27%.
Metabolic syndrome leads to greater health problems.
Metabolic syndrome is characterized by a series of symptoms, including a high waist that indicates a high visceral fat content, high blood pressure, insulin resistance and / or high blood sugar, lipoprotein-related cholesterol. Low density and high triglyceride content. The combination of three or more of these factors is an indication of a metabolic disorder.
These risk factors increase your risk of heart disease, diabetes and stroke. Your risk increases even if you are at the border with risk factors. Although a large size is a visible sign, no sign or symptom is visible to others

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