Sahaja yoga for healthy and stress free life

Jai Shree Mataji


Various surveys and programs have concluded that sahajayoga is very effective in changing the mind set, relieving the stress and making person a balanced and joyful. Sahajayoga is very simple and easy to practice . Just few minutes meditation every day – morning and evening can relieve you of stress, depression, high blood pressure, diabetes and prevent from heart disease and cancers. It is well researched and authenticated techniques used all over the world.
Sahaja Yoga founded by Mata Nirmala Devi is gaining greater acceptance worldwide for calming the mind and busting stress, contributes to promoting mental and physical health, according to a new study conducted in Australia.
Ramesh Manocha, senior lecturer of psychiatry at the University of Sydney Medical School, from Australia has told that sahaja yoga has great potential to improve the physical and mental health of the people who do it regularly. Manocha was referring to his latest study on Sahaja Yoga, which focussed on meditation as mental silence, involving more than 348 people, conducted with colleagues Deborah Black and Leigh Wilson at the Sydney Medical School.
Manocha`s stressful life as a medical student turned his attention towards meditation and Sahaja Yoga. “I found the experience of mental silence distinctly powerful. The traditional western ways of dealing with stress, such as alcohol and tobacco consumption, were damaging my health,” he recalls.
Since western scientists had overlooked this phenomenon, Manocha decided that he would subject it to scientific evaluation to determine whether it could help people in the west facing common mental and physical problems.
“We have actually done considerable research on the impact of Sahaja Yoga on work stress, bronchial asthma, menopause and mental health, involving hundreds of participants in many different contexts, all of which indicate its effectiveness,” Manocha told .
Jai Shri Mataji for your kind gift to the humanity.

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