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Aromatherapy for Relaxation and Mental Sharpness

Aromatherapy can cure Diseases AROMATHERAPY  is a complementary treatment that uses essential oils to enhance relaxation and boost mental sharpness. If you love scents—concocted by distilling volatile oils from the flowers, leaves and bark of plants—you’ll enjoy the varied aromas that deliver aromatherapy’s message. By making sure you get only essential oils—many fragrant oils contain […]

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OVERCOME DEPRESSION WITH ANY KIND OF MOVEMENT According to an online study by JAMA Psychiatry on January 23, it may be possible to overcome depression. “We found that the probability of depression decreased by 26% with every significant increase in objectively measured physical activity,” said study author Karmel Choi, clinical researcher and researcher at Harvard […]

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Control Blood Glucose by Time Restricted Eating (Health News)

Time Restricted Eating helps controll Blood Glucose By restricting the time period during which they could eat, researchers have seen promising results for controlling blood glucose levels in men at risk of type 2 diabetes. In a small study now published in the journal Obesity, researchers from the University of Adelaide and the South Australian […]

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Relation of Protein Shakes and Lifespan ( health news)

    Drinking too many protein shakes could lead to an increased risk of obesity,  and a reduced lifespan, a new study has claimed. Researchers from the University of Sydney’s Charles Perkins Centre carried out an investigation to determine the impact excessive consumption of branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs) has on the body. BCAA supplements are often consumed in […]

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Skipping Breakfast and increased risk of cardiovascular disease (health news)

Skipping breakfast might increase your risk of developing cardiovascular-disease The connection, found in a study of 6,550 adults aged 65-75, was particularly strong for strokes. Almost 60 per cent of the participants had breakfast every day, a quarter on some days, and 16 per cent rarely or never. All were free of heart disease  at the start of […]

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Benefits of being a vegetarian   People become vegetarians for a variety of reasons, including health, religious beliefs, the welfare of animals or the use of antibiotics and hormones in farm animals, or the desire to feed themselves to avoid overuse of animals. environmental resources. Some people are mostly vegetarian because they can not eat […]

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Diabetes Drug Metformin May Help Reverse Serious Heart Condition The study, called the MET-REMODEL Trial, suggests that metformin can reduce left ventricular hypertrophy (LVH) in people who have prediabetes. It’s the first clinical trial to show that metformin can reverse this heart condition. In their study, researchers gave 68 participants with an average age of […]

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Home remedies for bronchitis h Home Remedies can be effective treatment to cure Bronchitis at home.  All efforts towards thining the mucus and helping the body to throw it out by coughing is more important.  It is equally important to stay away from smoke, chemicals fumes, and other hazardus air pollutants as a preventive measure […]

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How Ragi May Help Manage Blood Sugar Levels   Health experts and dietitians recommend diabetics to maintain a strict routine and a healthy diet with regular workout to keep diabetes under control. But, it is never as simple as that – one has to monitor their blood sugar levels and medicines regularly to manage diabetes. […]

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Bananas offer multiple health benefits Eating more bananas a week offers a variety of health benefits.Each banana has only about 105 calories . Bananas hold very little protein and almost no fat. Bananas may aid weight loss because they’re low in calories and high in nutrients and fiber. The banana is a very  commonly consumed […]

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