Nature a real healthbooster

The time spent in nature in nature has many benefits for your physical and mental health, but a new study suggests that it can be beneficial for your health to see nature from the window of your room. According to this study, watching vegetation at home can reduce unhealthy cravings.

According to scientific findings, contact with nature can help improve and maintain our health.

For example, in a randomized controlled trial from last year, walking in nature helped reduce cortisol levels (stress hormone) and significantly improve mood.

Earlier this year, a study concluded that even simple access to green spaces in childhood reduced the risk of developing mental health problems later in life.

Research conducted by researchers at the University of Plymouth in the UK has shown that passive use of green spaces, such as the ability to see trees in your garden from your bedroom window, can help reduce the frequency and intensity of the desire to eat. . with potentially harmful effects such as unhealthy snacks, alcohol or tobacco.

“It has been known for some time that life in nature is linked to a person’s well-being, but the fact that there is a similar link with the desire to simply see green spaces adds a new dimension to previous research. . ” Martin, for whom the current research was part of a master project.

A green look for more health.
For this study, researchers interviewed 149 participants aged 21 to 65 to determine if they were exposed to nature and how. They also asked participants about the frequency and intensity of their unhealthy cravings and their impact on their emotional health.

Martin and his colleagues found that people with access to a private or communal garden reported less frequent and less intense desires and similar benefits to those whose home view covered more than 25% of green space.

The researchers noted that participants benefited from these benefits, regardless of their physical activity.

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