Music can help reduce pain

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In the past, scientists have explored the idea of ​​using music as therapy in many ways. One study found that joining a choir could improve the lives of people with Parkinson’s disease. Other studies have studied music as a possible treatment for epilepsy. Others have concluded that music, in the right environment, can reduce the sensation of pain.

Music relieves stress and anxiety (and thus reduces pain) by providing a distraction.
In fact, some music seems to be more useful than others. It has long been understood that the music chosen by the patient tends to be more effective. More recently, researchers have found significant correlations between some of the sound characteristics of patient-chosen music for pain management and measures of pain tolerance and the intensity of perceived pain. In particular, it was found that music that expressed satisfaction, regardless of gender, was the most effective way to reduce the experience of pain.

Because the experience of pain is partly subjective, altering a person’s perception of pain can alter one’s experience of pain. Music can interrupt the feedback loop “pain, stress, pain” of the brain and, in doing so, alter an individual’s sensitivity to pain. How could this work? We know that music has an evolutionary effect on the subcortical areas of the brain, which influence many psychological and physiological states. Music modulates the limbic system of the brain, causing many neurochemical effects. The result of these changes in the brain may be to help distract listeners from negative feelings and to alter the influence of past memories associated with pain. Music can also promote relaxation by inhibiting the release of stress hormones and weakening the activation of the hypophyso-adrenal stress axis.

Music has been tested and found effective in boosting the mood and physical activities even in many gyms. A particular song over the speaker in the gym may inspire some to do extra sets of repetitions or results in lifting more weight than normal routine. So musik can provide listers a sense of power as shown by power related cognitions and behavior.

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