Managing Psoriasis

Psoriasis is curable

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Most people think of psoriasis as a skin disorder. But it affects more than just your skin.
“Sometimes it can be difficult to manage, and psoriasis is chronic and therefore a daily part of your life – it can affect your mood, your confidence and even your relationships.”
One study found that people with psoriasis are at greater risk of depression and anxiety. And one third of adults with this disease say they affect their love lives.

Psoriasis patches may occur with little warning. If they do, they may experience itching, tension and pain. “It can be stressful even if you have been living with the disease for years.” The problem is that stress can trigger psoriasis and pain. You may feel like you’re in a vicious circle.
Make stress reduction a daily practice

How? “Exercise at least three times a week,” says Charles E. Crutchfield III, MD, medical director of Crutchfield Dermatology in Eagan, MN. Exercise also reduces inflammation and helps keep your weight at bay, which can help reduce your symptoms by improving your mood. Deep breathing, meditation or the time you spend on something you like, such as talking to a friend, can also relieve tension and increase the level of well-being chemicals called endorphins.

Connect with your loved ones

However, research shows that people with psoriasis who receive social support feel better every day and less prone to depression. Your friends and family will not understand it until you open it. But if you do, they want to support you.
Take control of your treatment
“We now have so many treatment options – it’s quite possible to reach a point where your skin is clear and where you feel good.” When this happens, their mood improves, they feel better about themselves and in life in general, because of their pain and irritation. ”
But do not stop with drugs. Eat healthy, lose weight if you are overweight and stay active. These steps can help you feel healthy and in control – and also relieve your psoriasis symptoms

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