How Ragi May Help Manage Blood Sugar Levels


Health experts and dietitians recommend diabetics to maintain a strict routine and a healthy diet with regular workout to keep diabetes under control. But, it is never as simple as that – one has to monitor their blood sugar levels and medicines regularly to manage diabetes. Also, there are no shortcuts; paying close attention to your diet may help you control blood sugar levels. It is very important to be more watchful of what you eat. If the findings of various studies are to be believed, then daily consumption of whole grains may help keep your blood sugar levels in control, as they are power-packed with essential nutrients that are known to control diabetes.

In fact, as per the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), diabetics should consume at least half of their grains as whole grains. Since they are rich in fibre that can help delay the absorption of glucose in the blood, consuming them may reduce the chances of spiking blood sugar levels that can be dangerous for diabetics. Moreover, whole grains are deemed as low-glycaemic foods that also prevent spiking blood sugar levels, reducing the chances of developing type-2 diabetes. One such whole grain that may help keep your sugar level in control is ragi, or finger millets.

Ragi For Diabetes

Ragi, also known as finger millets, is one of the ancient grains that were staples in our traditional diet, after which other grains like rice took over. But in south India (especially Karnataka), you will still see ragi as one of the main ingredients in many dishes. The best part about ragi is that it is a rich source of good carbohydrates, and since it is too tiny to be polished (or processed), it is mostly consumed in its purest form. The whole grain is abundantly rich in polyphenols, calcium, and essential amino acids as compared to rice, maize or wheat. Diabetics are often advised to consume ragi as a good substitute for white rice and wheat as it helps in maintaining blood sugar and cholesterol levels. Moreover, the presence of dietary fibre in ragi keeps the cravings at bay and maintains the digestive pace, subsequently, keeping blood sugar in control.


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