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Weight Loss is the key word for many in their life.    Most adults and one in three children in U.S. are overweight or obese. The Obesity is so common that people are trying different methods to lose weight.  One of the leading and highly successful ways of losing weight appears to be “Tracking your Eating”

Track what you eat. It is that simple and easy.  When you prefer to bite, please write it too. That is the outcome of study which found that tracking intake online or with the help of smart phone app really helps to lose weight.

Why Tracking – It brings in mindfulness to your eating habits.   The feeling of writing it down makes people more aware before eating.  It has a positive impact on their eating.   Gary Bennett, Ph.D., a professor of psychology at Duke University says more you use an app the more you lose weight.  The concept of tracking what you eat is old but has gained momentum due to various apps like Loselt, Calorie King and My fitness Pal.  It has made tracking easy and meaningful for the obese people.

Tracking really works  – The different groups for the research, the one who tracked food, those who traced weight first and then food every day, and those who tracked both – weight and food, all of them successfully lost weight ranging from 4  to 6 pounds . It is just possible to have reasonable weight loss without a coach involved by just using the app available for this purpose.   Constant monitoring of what you eat improves the chances of losing more weight.  It mindfully results in avoiding overeating.

One of the patients did not like writing but found out a way of tracking. She just put a smiley face or a sad face on her day planner and she lost a lot of weight, as she was desirous of having more smiles on her planner.   Tracking without judgement on consistent basis have wonder results.

Sharon Zarabi, bariatric program director at Lenox Hill Hospital finds that tracking for even a week can give you insight and help people make changes.   Self-monitoring works effectively. So just track the food you eat and lose weight comfortably.

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