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Joint pain can be a result of many things including injuries, arthritis, illness, infection etc.  The common sign is the inflammation, aching and pain in joints.  Majority of the people experience joint pain in hips, knees, shoulders, back etc. at some point or other.

Where the two bones come together is called joint in the body. Hips, knees, shoulders, neck are important joints of our body.  Cartilage, a firm tissue surrounding the bones provides them cushion and allows them to work together.

Ignoring joint pains is very risky and may cause more damage in future.   You must first know the reasons of joint pain.  There are several diseases causing joint pain – like rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, gout or trauma.

Joint Pain Relief – following actions can help you relieve the joint pain to a great extent.

  1. You should avoid heavy exercise and give maximum possible rest to the joints.
  2. You need to support the joints while they heal with the help of braces for knees, elbows, shoulders etc.
  3. Over the counter medication like ibuprofen can relieve the joint pain to certain extent as a primary treatment.
  4. Application of ice pack provides relief by reducing the swelling and numbing the pain.
  5. Gentle stimulation or massage ad acupuncture too can help relieve the joint pain. But it must do gently.
  6. If excessive body weight is real reason, it is recommended to have a serious weight loss program, which would in turn relieve your pain on weight loss.
  7. If infection is the reason of pain, your physician may prescribe appropriate drug to reduce the pain.
  8. Mobility, a prescribed program of gentle, targeted exercise can be of immense help in improving the condition and reducing general pain.
  9. For persistent joint pain, please consult the orthopaedic surgeon, who may prescribe injections for joint fluid, helping lubrication of joints and repairing the cartilage around the joints.
  10. If none of the above methods helps to reduce pain, surgery may be a last alternative. It is recommended in very rare cases, when all other methods fail to provide relief.
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