Joint Pain Management

How to manage Joint Pain

If your pain is mild or uncommon, you are likely to suspect that the cause is overexertion or overuse of the joint. Your first option is to avoid heavy exercises and let the joint rest as long as possible.
1.An orthosis for the knee, elbow, shoulder or back supports the joint as it heals.

2.Raise the joint to relieve pain. This is possible for the hip, knee, arm, feet and other painful joints.

3.Take over-the-counter medications such as ibuprofen to help relieve inflammation.

4.An ice pack on the joint also relieves swelling and numbs the pain.

5.Joint pain is relieved by gentle stimulation, massage and acupuncture. Of course, you should consult a doctor before every joint load.
6.Chiropractic manipulations have often been successful in relieving pain, particularly back pain.

7.Various natural supplements are known to help build stronger joints, reduce swelling and relieve pain. They are calcium, MSM, glucosamine and chrondroitin, omega-3 and vitamin C.

8.A serious weight loss program is often recommended so that you can move around painlessly again.

9.If infection is the cause of joint pain, your doctor will prescribe antibiotics.
If your joint pain is related to your immune system dysfunction, your doctor will choose an immunosuppressant to prescribe.

10.If the joint pain persists, an orthopedic surgeon can reduce the inflammation by injecting synovial fluid that lubricates the joint and promotes cartilage repair.

11.As a last resort, May people choose joint replacement surgery for severely damaged joints.

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