Importance of Proteins in maintaining muscle mass


Proteins for preserving muscle mass

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Maintaining muscle mass is an essential part of healthy aging, but a new study from the University of Birmingham shows that most people eat proteins fairly unevenly throughout the day.
Study was conducted of people belonging to different age groups, young, adults and old too. Details of their food intake, quantity, time, ingrediants were noted down for observation. The study revealed that
1. The breakfast of old people mainly consisted of bread . Hence they need to consume more proteins at breakfast as well as lunch. 25 to 30 gram of proteins per meal are recommended. They should add an egg or greek yogurt or turkey sausage to breakfast.

2. About one third of older people failed to get adequate proteins for various reasons like reduced appetite, dental problems , impaired tastes and non availability of sufficient resources.

3. For all groups of people the intake of proteins needs to be spread evenly across all meals.

4. Eating sufficient quantity of proteins all the days helps older people to be functionally active compared to those who do not eat it. They can easily walk and climb the climb the steps.

5. On an average for woman they need 55 grams of proteins a day while the man the requirement is of 65 grams of proteins. ( Greek yogurt, cottage cheese lentils, grams and a cup of milk can be good source of proteins )

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