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Hypertension is becoming very common irrespective of the nation, color, sex and age.  Why it is increasing at a high speed.  It is undoubtedly a severe health problem faced by people all over the world. Let us have a look at various factors contributing towards increasing high blood pressure and change our lifestyle to counter it as early as possible.

.Hypertension not only increases the risk of cardiovascular events, but also the risk of stroke and coronary disease.  If not treated, it can have adverse impact on the life span of the person concerned.

Following are various research based conclusion with regard to hypertension

Following are various research based conclusions with regard to hypertension


  1.  Napping– Greek scientists concludedthat napping might help reduce blood pressure. “Midday sleep appears to lower blood pressure levels at the same magnitude as other lifestyle changes,” explains one of the researchers, Dr. Manolis Kallistratos.
  2. The role of nutrition-The food that we eat has a huge impact on our overall health; that goes without saying. The America Heart Association, for instance, suggest that eating a diet rich in fruits and vegetables and avoiding products with high levels of salt and fat can help keep blood pressure in check..

3. Specific foods and supplements- WalnutsOne study appearing in 2019 investigated the impact of consuming walnuts on blood pressure. It concluded that the individuals who ate an experimental walnut-heavy diet experienced a significant reduction in blood pressure.

  1. Spirulina – Earlier experimentshinted at spirulina’s potential to reduce hypertension.

5.Eating local food – The authors theorized that by eating local produce, individuals would avoid consuming the various preservatives and additives that keep food “fresh” over long distances.

6. Common risk factors – Some risk factorsfor hypertension are fairly well established; they include drinking excessive amounts of alcohol, smoking tobacco, stress, and obesity. However, because high blood pressure is so common, there are likely to be many more factors at play

7. Pollution effect – The researchers found a relationship between air pollution and hypertension; however, the increase in risk was only significant for those who were living in multi-family homes, such as blocks of flats.

The authors believe that this might be due to several factors, for instance, living in close quarters with other people may be more stressful or noisier. This study provides a glimpse of the complex realm of potential elements that might influence blood pressure.

  1. Gum disease – Still focusing on the oral region, a 2019 review looked for links between gum disease and hypertension. They showed that individuals with severe periodontitis — a form of gum disease — had a 49% increased risk of hypertension.

Scientists have identified a relationship between hypertension and vascular dementia. The association makes sense because vascular dementia can occur following stroke, and hypertension is a risk factor for stroke

reference – medical news today

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