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Diabetes can be cured


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Advice given by H.H.Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi:

“Diabetes is the action of the right side, affected by the left side. Right side being vulnerable. Firstly, when you think too much, pay no attention and remain in your habits, then a fear element adds to your vulnerability. Just like a hard working man thinks too much. All his fat cells are used for the brain. The left side gets drained. You become vulnerable, if some fear comes in you and you also start feeling guilty, then you develop Diabetes. Correction is, use of Ali’s name in mantra. Source is, Swadhistana and Nabhi of the left. Left Nabhi gets first affected, by having fear of wife or worries for her, or for any other family member. In addition, your vulnerability, at that point, brings Diabetes. Clear it by clearing your Agnya chakra. Don’t think so much. Go into thoughtless awareness. Put left side into right side . Take more salt so that it neutralises the action of sugar excretion, because it has got water of crystalisation. Use ice on right Swadhistana and Nabhi. Avoid sugar, after proper tests, if necessary.” (Shivaratri 1987)

“See how I told you that how blood sugar comes in because of diabetes. Isn’t it? Not because of sugar. It comes only because of diabetes and diabetes comes because of thinking too much.” (Advice to Mothers, Sydney, March 1983)

“There is one more thing that happens to our eyes. When the Swadisthana Chakra goes out of order. It is represented here at the back [of the head], which is ‘around’ this back Agnya. So when you have diabetes or anything like that, people start becoming blind … You have seen many diabetic people get this blindness. So first of all cure your diabetes through curing your Swadisthana. And also you can use an ice around your Swadisthana at the back … If it is Swadisthana you have to use the water [ice] but if it is ‘just’ the possession, then you have to use – without diabetes, if it is a possession – then you have to just use the light. That is how we cure our Agnya Chakra.” (Talk on the Agnya Chakra, Delhi 3/2/83, Nirmala Yoga no.18)

“Now diabetes you do not develop by taking too much sugar – take it from me. In India if you go to a village, you’ll see that he takes sugar in such a manner that in the cup the spoon must stand at right angles, otherwise he won’t take it. But he never gets diabetes. The reason is he doesn’t think of tomorrow – he just works hard, eats his food and sleeps off, nicely. He doesn’t take sleeping pills either. So this diabetes comes by over thinking and can be easily cured if you can take to Sahaja Yoga.” (Talk at Porchester Hall, UK 1/8/89,

“If a pregnant woman is overthinking then the child may have diabetes.”
(Address to Medical Conference, Moscow, June 1990)

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