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Depression is a common and serious condition that affects the way people feel and behave. The disease can lead to emotional and physical problems, as well as problems in all areas of life.

There are a variety of natural methods that work and reduce the risk of future episodes.

Although depression can strike anyone, it occurs for the first time at the age of 20. Women are more likely to have depression than men.
1. Avoid stress.
A study of veterinary students in 2012 found that stress has a negative impact on mental health, life satisfaction and overall health.
A variety of factors such as work, education, family life or relationships can cause stress. It is important to try to manage these stressful situations when they occur.
2 Exercise
Exercise offers many health benefits that help prevent depression. In this respect, high intensity and low intensity exercises are beneficial.
During intense physical efforts, the well-being chemicals called endorphins present in the body are released.
Long-term, low-intensity, long-term training helps release proteins called neurotrophic factors, which improve brain function and help a person in exercise feel better.
3. Diet
Adding fruits and vegetables to the diet can help people with depression.
The brain needs the right combination of nutrients to function properly.
4. Sleep
If you do not get enough sleep, it will have a significant impact on the mental and physical people. Insomnia is associated with depression.
There are techniques that people can use to help them sleep more naturally. These included:
Create a bedtime routine
• Avoid using electronic devices before going to bed.
• Spend 30 minutes with a relaxation exercise or read a book before going to bed.
5. Social media
Everyone must save from social media addiction.  Reduce the time and spread on social media.  Use it only when essential and just for business purpose. There are many instances of people developing love with strangers on social media, and when neglected commit suicide.  Many financial frauds are happening on social media leading to depression.  So never disclose your financial details to anybody on social media..  Keep contact with only those whom you know personally on social media.

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