Home remedies for the rapid relief of bedsores

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Constant pressure reduces blood flow to the skin and lower tissues, resulting in lesions in the bed. Decubitus ulcers often occur in wheelchair users or in bed for medical reasons.

Pressure sores can develop in any part of the body that is under pressure. Common areas of bedsores are the hips, spine, elbows and heels. The appearance of the wound depends on its severity.

To prevent infection, it is important to clean the wound regularly.

Turmeric paste.

The curative properties of turmeric wounds can be useful in decubitus ulcers. You can apply turmeric paste directly to the wound. Curcumin, the bioactive compound of turmeric, accelerates the healing process.

The application of turmeric in the wound facilitates the growth of the skin and the contraction of the wound. Turmeric can accelerate the healing process.

Relieve pressure

An effective means of treating pressure ulcers is to relieve the affected area of ​​pressure.

Choose mattresses and pillows that relieve pressure.

Special pillows and mattresses can help relieve pressure in the pressure-ulcer affected area. These mattresses or pillows are filled with air or water and can help to assist the person with bedsores.

Apply the sugar salt solution.

Spraying granulated sugar on the wound or applying sugar paste before dressing may help to reduce the severity of the injury. Sugar can promote the growth of new tissue and help to drain bacteria that cause infection.

Change position frequently

Changing positions can often help to relieve pressure in the affected area. The attendant, friends, or relatives who are accompanying the patient have to see that the person in the bed changes position frequently to avoid bed sores.  This is the most simple and effective care for bed sores.

Use raw papaya paste

Dead tissue in decubitus can be very bad for the cure. Dead tissue is one of the major causes of wound infections. Therefore, it is important to regularly remove dead tissue from wounds.

One way to do this is to apply raw papaya to the wound. The papaya contains papain, an enzyme with exfoliating properties. Its application to bedsores can help to remove dead tissue.


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