Higher BMI major cause of Type 2 Diabetes

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As per research paper presented at European society of cardiology congress 2020 controlling over weight is important factor to prevent type 2 diabetes, delay its onset. It some cases it can well reverse the condition.
In this study about 445,000 people from United Kingdeom participated and their average age was 57 years. Different groups of them were formed on the basis of genetic risk and body mass index (BMI). The people with highest BMI were found to have the greatest risk over others, independent of genetic risk.
Though the research is of UK its findings have same importance all over the world. The facts does not change much. High BMI is the greatest risk of developing type 2 diabetes. Control it are remain safe from diabetes.

To lower your BMI, you need to consume fewer calories than you burn. Don’t get overwhelmed. Start by lowering your calories by 500 each day, which can result in about a pound of weight loss per week. One way to do that is to not eat in front of the television as it is totally uncontrolled action.
As regards precautions to be taken about food intake –
Aim for at least five servings of fruits and vegetables a day and increase the portion of grain cereals, whole pasta, rice , and bread. People also must avoid food that is high in sugar, like pastries, sweetened cereal, and A

Tracking a weight loss progress closely is very important in reducing BMI. Self monitoring has a great role to play in one really wants to succeed in reducing weight and BMI. Chang your diet habits, control your food intake and have miximum possible exercise of different variety to reduce the BMI.

High blood glucose levels can lead to serious diseases affecting the heart & blood vessels. Diabetes is a leading cause of cardiovascular disease, blindness and kidney failure. In order to protect yourself from all such dangerous disease keep eye on your BMI and stay away from diabetes.

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