Heavy Drinking can alter your body’s biology

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Heavy drinking causes a long term effect on your body.  By the passage of time when add up the drinking alcohol it can totally change your body’s biology from DNA to hormones.

1.Change your DNA-  Bringe Drinking i.e. drinking more than four of five drinks in a two hour sitting or heavy drinking, defined as bringe drinking for five or more days in a month can have effect of changing your genetic makeup.   Two genes- one relating to your body’s biological clock and another regulating stress response systems gets changed as per the study published recently in the journal Alcoholism; Clinical and Experimental Research.  Study also found high desire for more alcohol.  It increases craving for alcohol.

  1. Increased risk of some Cancers – As per the study published in International Journal of Caner in October 2015, over 5 present of new cancer cases and over 6 per cent of cancer deaths worldwide were attributed to alcohol. Moderate drinking can increase the risk of cancers of mouth, throat, and breast. The risk of esophageal cancer increases 5 times in respect of alcohol drinkers.
  2. Composition of gut organism changes – There are trillions of microorganisms – mostly good bacteria in the digestive track, which helps to digest the food and produce vitamins. Alcohol interferes with their functioning and creates imbalance in the intestine. It can result in multiple digestive issues, stomach pain, bloating, constipation and even diarrhoea.
  3. Adverrsely affects Memory and Brain structure – Heavy drinking can lead to blackouts. Intoxicated person does not remember the important events and their details.  It can also cause long term problems with the functioning of the brain.   It irodes brain tissues and increases the risk of stroke.
  4. Hormonal Disturbances – Heavy drinking has great impact on body’s endocrine system. Heavy drinking often disturbs communication between the nervous, endocrine and immune systems. This may result into stress abnormalities, reproductive deficiencies, immune dysfunction and also defects in body growth.

Medical professional advice moderate drinking.  There is no measurement as safe level of drinking.  Even moderate drinking quite often causes various ill effects on the body.  Bringe drinking is never safe. Heavy drinking not only reduces the life span of the person but also causes great financial loss to the family.

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