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Why should you pay attention to your eating? Try to realise its importance.  There are so many reasons to mention.  Your health including your look, your energy, your work, your sleep everything is dependent upon what you eat.

It is well established now all over the world that obesity, overweight, depression, diabetes, high blood pressure and many such diseases are well connected with your eating habits.  Good eating is the opportunity for yourself to change your life structure with sound and nutritious eating.

Mindful eating has great value. You must know the ingredients of your meals, portion of fats, carbs, proteins, vitamins, fibre every time you eat something.  Such a mindful eating would make you eat only useful and nutritious foods thank junk foods or saturated fats, sugary sodas or fruit juices and like these many other wrong forms of diet.

You can have healthy diet by making changes in your diet.  Few years ago meat and potatoes were ideal for American, now it has been replaced by vegetables, fruits, whole grains, fish and nuts.  Experiments with food would prove you what is beneficial for you, for your body and mind.  You can even try new meals or recipes with the same food stuff.  By changing the combination, adding something new can give you feeling of fullness and energy your body needs to perform effectively.

People are reluctant to changes in the beginning.  Therefore make changes slowly but with sure determination of healthy life goal.  You can have variety of foods for your breakfast including different forms of eggs, sprouts, fresh fruits, and green vegetables, variety of yogurts or cottage cheese.

Give up the excessive salty and sweet ingredients at any cost.  They are surely going to harm your body.  It is not wrong to have occasion’s sweets or cakes or ice-creams.  But limit its portion and frequency.

Also try to add some fasting days in a month – may be once in a week or few long hours a day.  Fasting also has great positive effect on your digestive system and your general health.  Intermittent fasting has been proved on many counts like losing weights, adding vitality, improving texture of skin, improvement move emends and many more healthy signs.

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