Health Benefits of Daikon

Multiple benefits of eating Daikon 
Daikon radishes isolated on white background 

You may know it as the oriental radish, but Daikon actually has many names, including Mooli, Satsuma radish, Chinese radish, and especially Japanese radish. Root."
It is used in various dishes. It differs slightly from other radishes in its large bright green leaves and its long white root which resembles a pale carrot.

In Asian countries, the root is generally placed and eaten as a garnish or grated, diced or thinly sliced ​​to add to main dishes.
However, the leaves should not be discarded as they offer various health benefits.

You can always remember to add Daikon to your favorite dishes because it offers a variety of nutrients.

Daikon is known to strengthen a weak digestive system. A 2017 study also found that isothiocyanates, which give Daikon its pungent and spicy properties, reduce the risk of breast cancer.

Daikon also contains significant amounts of the nutrients potassium, vitamin C and phosphorus, which are essential for good health.
You will be amazed that the leaves also have impressive nutritional value. They are actually loaded with vitamin A, which is important for eye health, as well as vitamin C, iron, and calcium.

Daikon can help you optimize your well-being by:
• Improves digestive health to trigger the flow of bile 24, which is essential for the breakdown and absorption of fat.
• Helps in detoxification: as a diuretic, Daikon can stimulate the urination needed to keep the kidneys clean.
• Boost your immunity: Daikon's antibacterial and antifungal properties can help reduce the risk of bone or joint infections, gastroenteritis, meningitis and pneumonia.
• Promotes healthy bones and skin: its high calcium content can help relieve osteoporosis. The liquid from cooked daikon leaves is also known to help reduce excess oils and skin odors.
• Weight control aid: Daikon is a vegetable low in calories and cholesterol, rich in fiber and many other nutrients, ideal properties for people who want to maintain a healthy weigh
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