Food can help to relieve pain

Foods to Cure Pain

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Recent research studies reveal that some good foods can cure pain. By eating the right food, you can get relief from back pain, knee pain, the pain of exertion, arthritis, knee pain, joint pain, headache pain, and migraine pain. Good foods are natural cures for common ailments, while, at the same time, they contribute to healthy living, energy and growth. The good foods targeted by pain research are red grapes, ginger, soy, tumeric, cherries, caffeine and fish. These are the beneficial, pain-relieving foods.

Red Grapes
Red grapes are helpful in curing and relieving pain. The pain relieving compound in red grapes is resveratrol, a powerful ingredient to block enzymes that contribute to tissue degeneration.
Now studies show that ginger extract relieves the soreness of chronic knee pain. With ginger, patients need less pain medication and are more comfortable and more mobile. Other research showed that ginger is effective as a pain cure for general workout and exercise pain.

But now soy is a proven cure for the knee pain of osteoarthritis. The isoflavones in soy have anti-inflammatory properties which reduce swelling, and thus cure and relieve pain. Patients who ate about 40 grams of soy protein every day for three months were able to cut their pain medication in half. The benefits of soy in cure pain start in a few weeks.
Tumeric is the deep orange-yellow spice commonly used in mustard, curries and Indian foods. Studies show now that tumeric calms the pain of rheumatoid arthritis as effectively as the pain medication ibuprofen. It is also effective in protecting joints from the deterioration of arthritis.


Cherries contain antioxidants called anthocyanins, which relieves pain. study showed eating 45 Bing cherries daily substantially reduced inflammation levels, and thus their pain level. Blackberries, raspberries and strawberries also helps to relieve pain.
Caffeine reduces pain, too. That is why many over-the-counter cold and headache medicines contain cafffeine. It takes only two cups of coffee to reduce the pain of exercise by almost 50%. Caffeine seems to raise the pain threshold during exercise, which allows longer and more intense exercise.

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