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According to an online study by JAMA Psychiatry on January 23, it may be possible to overcome depression.
“We found that the probability of depression decreased by 26% with every significant increase in objectively measured physical activity,” said study author Karmel Choi, clinical researcher and researcher at Harvard TH School of Medicine. Chan’s public health.
Cause or effect?
This is not the first study that shows that exercise can be helpful for the mood.
“We often hear that movement and mood are interconnected, and the purpose of this study was to find out.” We wanted to find out if there could be a causal link between physical activity and depression in any direction, “says Choi.

For this purpose, the study used a technique known as Mendelian randomization using data from two large genetic databases containing hundreds of thousands of humans. They discovered that exercise can reduce the risk of depression independently.
They found that those who moved more had a significantly lower risk of having a major depressive disorder, but only if the movement was measured objectively with a tracking device and not when people reported their own degree of depression.
He also measured their travels during the day during regular activities.
“It can climb stairs, go to the store, or wear clothes, things that people may not recognize as active, but they can add,” says Choi. This is good news because you do not need a staircase machine inflated and exploded to reduce the risk of depression.
Small movements add up
“Our study would say that any kind of exercise can help fight depression, so the results of our study were particularly interesting.

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