Exercise Important for Healthy Life

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Exercise is most crucial element of our life.  Life without exercise cannot be healthy.  Person not doing exercise is going to be sick all the time, tired all the time and feeling unenergetic too. You can make your heart healthier and stronger with active life.  You can select and perform any kind of exercise- cardio, strength training, stretching or even yoga.

Regular exercise has multiple benefits like improving endurance and flexibility of the body, improving strength and vigour, decreasing age related health issues.  Different researches have established that regular exercise help prevent coronary heart disease, diabetes, obesity and even high blood pressure.  Regular exercise in the form of weight training can help prevent osteoporosis by improving bone strength and density.

People doing regular exercise are seen with increased self-esteem and more confidence.  Regular exercise also helps to combat stress and anxiety, enhance moods and improves overall physical and mental health of the concerned person.

Regular exercise is also effective in weight loss and loss of fat.  Obesity can be dealt with properly with regular and increasing exercises of different nature.   It is not compulsory that you must join gym but even common exercises like walking, running. Climbing mountain, swimming can help a lot in dissolving fat and fighting obesity.

Doctors always recommend minimum thirty minutes exercise at least four to five days in a week.  Once accustomed to it, regular exercise becomes a habit or rather hobby.  Once you start reaping benefit of regular exercise you never think of giving it up.

Exercise is recommended at every age.  Even older people and patients can start exercise as per doctor’s recommendations and get physical and mental health benefits.  Every day is auspicious to make a start of exercise.  Never wait for anybody, never depend on anybody, you start on your own and you would meet someone on the way.  Please keep the pace of your workout slow at the beginning and end of the program.   Body needs to warm up in the beginning and cooling down at the end.  Do not become panicky if your body grumbles in initial few days, in a week or so it would adjust to the workout routine nicely.

Parents have to see that children develop the habit of playing outside the home on the grounds and take part in various physical activities.  It would develop their liking for exercise, which would keep them fit all their life.

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