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When our attention is on our Spirit, then we do not feel the discomfort of nature or of worldly things.

This is the first sign when a Sahaja Yogi starts complaining about comforts, then the first sign is that he is not a Sahaja Yogi as yet. To begin with you just get absolutely acclimatized with the climate and enjoy the style, the speed, the way it is molding you. There’s no friction between the nature and the body because the Spirit which is synchronizer, helps you to become one with this nature and enjoy the best part of it. The way you are enjoying it shows that you are great Sahaja Yogis, and that goes to My credit, I think, that you people have accepted all the discomfort as enjoyments.

Christ coming was a great event as I have told you to establish Agnya Chakra. And He was born on this Earth but much before He was born in the consciousness and that absolute consciousness itself took birth as Jesus Christ.

To explain His life is only possible if you are Realized souls, otherwise you cannot explain Christ – what He was, how He worked – still it’s very difficult to explain many things in Sahaja Yoga as you know, you just go on seeing things. Today you saw fountains coming out of the lake, which nobody can explain, even the engineer said that they can’t explain, nobody can explain it.

It just happens that the water gets excited, feels the Divinity and starts pouring out its love in a bubbly manner.

Can you imagine that even the water can feel it?

You have seen how the light can feel it, in the same way every element can feel it. All those elements are within us, the highest of all, as we say, is the light, because light has an effect and that is governed by Jesus Christ.

Light has an effect, light shows things that are correct. That’s the one which makes us understand all the dimensions of worldly things and ultimately when this light comes from the Spirit and is enlightened by the Spirit, then you start seeing the other dimensions also which sometimes make you laugh, sometimes make you smile and sometimes make you cry also.

Such a beautiful new dimension you have achieved through Sahaja Yoga, but it was all built in within you and you had to achieve it. People on the other side had to work very hard, like Jesus Christ was born in a small manger to show that Divinity need not be born in royal families, can be born in a manger, can be born anywhere, makes no difference to the Divinity.

But that has given some funny ideas to people, that they are saying we should make ourselves miserable and we should give away everything to God. God doesn’t want anything. He cannot have anything, and you cannot give anything. Is a wrong idea that you become like a pauper and give everything to God.

He doesn’t want that. What He wants that you have to be happy, joyous and enjoying.


Christmas Puja,

Pune (India) 25 December 1986.


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