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If you do not think you can and want to lose weight, you can not lose weight. Faith is both a scientific and a spiritual principle. It is spiritual in the sense that it can not be perceived by the five senses. Faith is scientific insofar as there is some way in which faith produces the desired effects, depending on the structure of the mind or its functioning.

If you know how the mind works, you can have a faith based on the fact that it produces the desired results. But then it is no longer faith or faith; Now he is an acquaintance. You know it will work, just as you know that two plus two equals four.

The first thing to understand is that we are talking about self control here. We did not have wonderful physical, mental and emotional ability without the means and methods to control them. It would not make sense. They do not have arms or legs and have no control over the option to move or use them. In the same way, we would not have thoughts or feelings without having the means to control those thoughts and feelings.

The second thing you must understand is that overeating is a habit and that all habits, good, bad or neutral, are in the subconscious of your mind. And the only way to deal with something that is subconscious is to separate yourself from what you are used to. Your habit is a mental and / or emotional attachment to food; In this case, the opposite of attachment is separation.

The solution or the method is to separate yourself mentally and emotionally from the foods you eat while you eat them. She and the food are not one thing, but two separate units. The method consists of separating the two from each other. Keep them in their respective positions. One as a fair fuel supplier, the other as a pure fuel consumer. Everything else is secondary: its taste, appearance and smell, its nutritional status, its fat content and its calories. Separating yourself from the food you eat is more important, it provides you clarity about what you eat, when you eat, how you eat and most important why you eat that .

While understanding the importance of faith i had come across so many people  who have attained their goals only because of Faith.  Following are few expressions which rightly describe the importance of faith in weight loss or any other important goal of the life.

Faith allows someone else to take the wheel.  It is most appropriately worded by Jeanne Larson, a California certified health coach ,who says – “what I am doing with my physical body is honoring to the Lord”. Larson says faith helps her trust that if she’s doing her part—say, eating right and working out—that “someone mightier than you is in charge of your life.

Nicole S. echoes that sentiment. “When I have struggles with body image and feeling comfortable in my skin, I use my faith to recognize the God-given talents,” she says. Believing you were made the way you are for a reason means the way you are is probably A-OK.

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