Drinking Liquor more harmful for women

New Trend of drinking alcohol causing more harm to women


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Though well known that excessive alcohol consumption has health consequences, new study says women in particular are more likely to experience serious alcohol-related complications, including risk increased alcohol-related deaths.

Recent study analysing the death certificates of americans over age of 16 from 1999 to 2017 revealed that women are particularly affected: researchers found that most alcohol-related deaths among non-Hispanic white women were recorded each year.

Historically, the women were not drinking heavily and frequently as of today and hence had less risk association with consumption of liquor. Liquor companies have changed that a lot. A lot of women were attacked in advertising and it worked, and now women drink a lot more and now they die a lot more.
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) say that “gender differences in the structure and chemistry of the body cause women to drink more alcohol and take longer to break it down and eliminate it from their bodies. . ” And he added: “These differences also make alcohol consumption more likely to cause long-term health problems in women than in men.”

Excessive alcohol consumption can lead to several health problems over time, especially women. “The risk of cirrhosis of the liver and other alcohol-related liver diseases is higher in women than in men,” said the CDC.
Too much alcohol can also affect the brain, causing contractions and memory loss. According to the CDC, “research suggests that women are more susceptible to the harmful effects of binge drinking than men, and harm tends to occur in women with shorter periods of binge drinking alcohol than in men. “

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