Do not allow Stress to affect your Heart during covid pandemic


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The lifestyle of people all over the world has undergone dramatic change due to covid presence for over one year’s span   There is no excuse than adjusting the routine life to keep safe from covid  for self as well as for family members.  Work from home has become the new way of working and remaining indoors almost all the time a compelling necessity.

Suddenly people have started thinking of ways to pass the time and also remain engaged in house with the help of some of their old hobbies including reading, gardening, painting, cooking etc.  Stress has been the order of the day for reasons known and unknown.  Covid does not show mercy and do not spare anyone, however influential the person may be in real and social life.  Covid treats everybody at par, rich or poor, black or while, men or women, regardless of the any religion to which one is affiliated by birth or by choice.

Stress in and stress out.  You be anywhere you feel stress moving around you whether you like it or not.  Stress due to death of some nearone, known person, stress due to ill health, stress due to covid, stress due to loss of job, stress due to corona in neighborhood, stress due to non availability of oxygen, bed in hospitals, and for so many causes.

Stress has great impact on life in terms of quality and quantity too.  It can have a very long term effect on our body and mind.  Stress is the major cause of heart disease, blood clotting leading to strokes, it has impact on blood pressure and cholesterol levels too.  Stress leading to inactivity can also cause obesity.  Some people try to relieve stress through smoking or consuming alcohol, but it is worst than ever thought.  It rather increases the problems and complexity.

Stress in manifested in so many ways like headache-mild or severe, stomach pain, dizziness, loss of appetite, and so many ways.  We must be able to understand the signals of our own body and adapt ways to overcome stressful life.

Yoga and Meditation can help a lot in overcoming stressful life.  It needs to be practiced constantly almost every day as a healthy habit.  Slowly and steadily it would show positive results.  At time religious rituals, of different ways can also help us relieve tension and face the life in balanced manner.  Any way does not allow stress to impact your heart.

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