Dietary supplements do not protect the Heart

Dietary Supplements not useful for Heart

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New study suggests that most dietary supplements do not protect the heart
According to an article in NIH News in Health, a newsletter published by the National Institutes of Health, many vitamins and nutritional supplements have been promoted as a way to improve heart health and more than half of Americans take one or more daily or occasionally.

However, a new study published in the Annals of Internal Medicine in July 2019 revealed that few dietary supplements, or even dietary treatments, offer protection against heart disease. In fact, some people can do more harm than good.

Out of 277 studies involving approximately one million people, the researchers analyzed data from 16 dietary supplements and eight nutritional approaches. They found that most of the vitamins, minerals, dietary supplements and diets studied had no protective effect on cardiovascular health.
“Only folic acids for stroke, omega-3 fatty acids for heart attacks, and a low-salt diet for total or cardiovascular mortality have proven benefits,” said Dr. Morgantown Khan, who issued reservations about these beneficial supplements: Folic acid supplements have been largely derived from the analysis of a Chinese population, a group that generally does not consume foods rich in folate. And omega-3 fatty acids were only beneficial at very high doses in high-risk patients.

On the downside, Khan and his colleagues point out that their research has shown that calcium and vitamin D may increase the risk of stroke.
“Calcium and vitamin D can increase the calcium content in the blood and increase the calcium deposition in the blood vessels,” said Khan. “This triggers arteriosclerosis and blood clots, causing a stroke.” Or

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