Controlling Blood Sugar

Lowering blood sugar

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Diabetes is spreading high not only in USA but also in countries like India.  Various factors like lifestyle, low work, lack of exercise, eating more sweet stuff are some of the important causes for increasing blood sugar level.

Unless detected and controlled at a very early stage it can have great impairment of the health of the person concerned.   As per study of united states for 2012 about 37% adults were classified as pre diabetic while almost 14% adults had type 2 diabetes.

Following  are various common ways of reducing blood sugar level.

  1. Regular exercise – Exercise is prime support for reducing diabetes or blood sugar level. People must  engage into daily exercise of their own choice, which helps increase insulin sensitivity and also loose weight.  Walking, Running, Cycling, Swimming,Yoga are various ways of doing exercise.
  2. Controlling intake of Carbs – This is another important step.  Too many carbs or  problems with insulin function  increase the blood sugar levels.  Low carb diet helps to control diabetes.
  3.  Highe Fiber diet -Food containing more fiber helps a lot in sugar absorbtion and also reduces the carb digestion. Soluble fiber is more important  in reducing blood sugar level. High fiber diet includes vegatables, whole grains, fruits, legumes. Men should have minimum 38  grams of fiber while women should have minimum 25 grams of fiber.
  4. Drinking Water – Is the another simple and easy method of controlling blood sugar level. Drinking enough water and preventing dehydration is safe way to control diabetes. Stay away from sugar sweetened drinks.
  5. Control your food portion – You have to manage with lower food portion. It would not only reduce blood sugar but would also help in weight management. Use small plates, keep eye on weight of food and also read carefully the food lables and its serving sizes.
  6. Low Glycemic Index foods – choose and prefer low clycemic index food to reduce long term blood sugar levels in type1 as well as type2 diabetes. These includes meat, seafoods, oats, eggs, beans, lentils, legumes, sweet potatoes, corn.
  7. Control Stress – Stress is important contributing factor for diabetic condition.  Therefore reducing stress through yoga, relaxation techniques, meditation is of great importance.
  8. Tracking the blood sugar levels – Tracking ones blood sugar level becomes inevitable to avoid diabetes and lower the present blood sugar level. Continuous tracking record helps the person and doctor to determine the changes required to be made in diet, medicines, life style etc.
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