Changing your mindset could be the key to changing your life

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By Sophie Scott

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But what if changing your mindset was the key to changing your life?
And the key to transformation could be accepting that, yes, you can be busy but you can also make important steps towards reaching your goals and dreams.
Dr Alia Crum, a psychologist from Stanford University, believes our mindset has a dramatic impact on our health and can even play a part in determining our wellbeing.
And she has the scientific data to prove it.
In a study by Fabrizio Benedetti, a professor of physiology and neuroscience at the University of Turin, patients were either openly given medication by a doctor or given medication through an intravenous line.
What they found in the patient’s response to treatment was remarkable and consistent, Dr Crum said.
“When patients were aware of the treatment and expected to receive a benefit, the treatment was highly effective,” she said.
In fact, patients with anxiety reported a 25 per cent improvement, while those with Parkinson’s disease and high blood pressure achieved 15 per cent improvement.
Dr Crum set up her own fascinating study to test the power of mindset, or, “the lens or the view in which we see the world,” as she calls it.
She tracked a group of female hotel housekeepers, all of whom were highly active and spent most of their time at work on their feet.
“We asked them: ‘Do you exercise regularly?’ And two thirds said ‘no’,” Dr Crum said.
She wanted to see what would happen if she could change their mindset to help them recognise they were active.
“We took measurements like weight, body fat and how satisfied they were with their jobs, then split them into two groups,” Dr Crum said.
Half were given a presentation about how their work was good exercise and detailing how many calories they were burning.
When they retook their measurements four weeks later, the women who didn’t receive the presentation hadn’t changed in weight or body fat.
But the women who had received the information dropped weight, reduced blood pressure, and dropped body fat.
“It was fascinating, that just as a result of a simple 15-minute presentation, the whole game changed, producing a cascade of effects on their health and wellbeing,” Dr Crum said.
It’s all in the mind, researchers find

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