Boost Immunity to fight Covid 19

How to fight Covid 19

World Health Organization declared Covid-19 as a global pandemic. With the wide spread of it everyone is at a risk of life. At individual level one can take various measures to fight covid 19.

Constantly observing hygiene standards like frequently washing hands with soap, wearing a mask covering your nose and mouth and avoiding touching your mouth or hands are most essential.

Persons who already have certain diseases like diabetes, hypertension or cardio vascular diseases, and respiratory problems are at a higher risk of having covid 19 symptoms. High level of personal immunity can save one from this disease. However the small children and old people are having high risk of getting attacked by covid 19.

Following measures can help improve personal immunity and thus strength to fight any virus including covid 19.

Diet– Overall Health and immunity of the person is directly dependent on the diet he takes every day. People should eat low carb diets and focus on protein rich diet so as to keep in good shape and also control the blood sugar level too. Regularly eating green leafy vegetables and fruits is advisable. More use of some natural immunity supplements like ginger, amla (gooseberries) and turmeric is very beneficial. Certain herbs like garlic; Basel leaves black cumin etc. can help boosting immunity. Consumption of flax seeds, pumpkin seeds and melon seeds can provide required protein and vitamin E. For improving the gut bacteria for nutrient absorption by the body, use of yoghurt, Yakut and fermented food is recommended. These are good options for older people too.

Sleep– Good sound sleep for seven to eight hours in a day is best to improve your immunity. Lack of sleep may affect your brain activity while making you feel tired. Lack of sleep is also believed to have adverse impact on the action of flu vaccine.

Stay Hydrated – Drinking minimum eight to ten glasses of water every day is a must. It would help to flush out the toxins from your body and reduce the risk of flue. One can also consume fresh juices of fruits or coconut water to beat the heat.

Exercise – Everyone has to exercise daily along with taking appropriate diet. Even a light exercise helps to release the toxins from the body. Depending on personal health, strength exercise of thirty to forty five minutes every day is highly recommended. Regular exercise improves ones metabolism and directly improves body immunity.

Distress – In the present situation and pressing time like covid 19 spread everywhere, people are compelled to be in house for maximum period of the day, causing great stress on body and mind knowingly or unknowingly. Stress is silent killer and great obstacle in maintaining good physical and mental health. One can use various methods at home to distress oneself like engaging in Yoga and Meditation for few minutes every day. Practice any form of meditation known to you to get rid of stress.

Avoid Smoking, Alcohol and addictive substances – Some habits like smoking, vaping or consumption of alcohol have an adverse direct impact on one’s body defenses and respiratory system and illnesses associated with it. Lung capacity and the cells lining your respiratory tracts have great role to play in fighting any viruses. Their functioning is affected adversely by smoking, vaping. It is also proved that heavy consumption of alcohol makes people suffer from Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome, which is akin to conditions caused by covid 19 infections.

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