• Strengthening Immune System leads to increasing life expentancy-   Increase Life by strengthening Immune System –  One of the most important ways to increase your life expectancy is to strengthen your immune system. In general, there is a direct relationship between decreased immunity and life expectancy. This is reasonable as our immune systems protect us from infection and help us respond to various […]
  • Cut the risk of Alzheimers by just walking-   To cut your risk of Alzheimer’s by more than half, just do this for 20 minutes twice a week: walk. Exercising for 20 to 30 minutes a couple of times a week not only slashed Alzheimer’s risk by as much as 60 percent in a study but also cut the risk of regular dementia […]
  • Ensure sufficient Blood Oxygen Level-   Check and Control  Blood Oxygen Level The blood oxygen level in our body indicates the amount of oxygen present in the red blood cells (RBC). It is a very important parameter to test and regulate. For adult or child, maintaining it in normal level is absolutely essential. Particularly the People suffering from chronic obstructive […]
  • How to control Diabetes- Ways to control your Diabetes – The risks of cardiovascular disease, heart attack, and stroke are increased when blood sugar isn’t controlled in those with diabetes, said Dr. Genevieve Lama, endocrinologist at NewYork-Presbyterian Medical Group Hudson Valley. One of the leading successful beater of type 2 diabetes said with own experience that there are so […]
  • Sleep Boosts your Energy-   Scientists divide sleep into two main types: rapid eye movements (REM) or sleepy sleep, and non-REM or calm sleep. Surprisingly, they are as different from each other as waking up, but both can be important for energy. Non-REM sleep has three phases. The last of these, known as deep sleep or slow sleep, is […]
  • Various myths about Vitamins and Supplements-   Myths of vitamins and Supplements Vitamins and supplements have become common in use of many people for various reasons, sometimes with prescription or at times without prescriptions. But there are many myths prevailing about their uses and benefits. People must be aware of following important points about their uses and benefits. The following are […]
  • Avoiding Heart Disease-   Modern India is facing the rising burden of heart diseases as no other disease kills more Indians than cardiac ailments. Heart disease has emerged as the deadliest killer in both Indian males and females. In India, nearly 52% of heart disease-related deaths occur in people below the age of 70 years Heart attacks are […]
  • How to improve bone health- Tips for bone health To have healthy bones, you need to take the following precautions. Reduce your salt intake – The more salt you eat, the more calcium your body removes, which means it isn’t there to help your bones. You don’t have to cut out the salt entirely; instead, aim for less than 2,300 […]
  • Higher BMI major cause of Type 2 Diabetes- As per research paper presented at European society of cardiology congress 2020 controlling over weight is important factor to prevent type 2 diabetes, delay its onset. It some cases it can well reverse the condition. In this study about 445,000 people from United Kingdeom participated and their average age was 57 years. Different groups of […]
  • Enjoy the world around you being spirit or realised souls-     When our attention is on our Spirit, then we do not feel the discomfort of nature or of worldly things. This is the first sign when a Sahaja Yogi starts complaining about comforts, then the first sign is that he is not a Sahaja Yogi as yet. To begin with you just get […]

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