• Improve your Immunity- Foods supporting your immunity Consuming a balanced diet consisting of adequate protein, fiber, vitamins and minerals will help support your body’s immune system, says Lisa Jones, a registered dietitian in Philadelphia Eating a healthy diet that contains the nutrients you need is the best way to support your immunity. Supporting your immune system is particularly […]
  • Diabetic patients and Covid 19 – more precautions needed- Scale of precautions for diabetic patients to escape covid 19 –   Amidst the new fear of coronavirus, people with diabetes need to be very careful about their health. You need to maintain good blood sugar control, which reduces the risk of infection and the severity of complications. “Good blood sugar control can also reduce […]
  • Sugar free label – how far healthy ??- Artificial Sweeteners not always Right. If you’re on a diet, the “sugar-free” label on many packaged foods can be tempting. The question is: are sugar substitutes really a healthy option? You need to protect yourself from overeating Replacing sugar with artificial sweeteners is an easy way to save calories and lose weight, right? Not necessarily. […]
  • High Cholesterol and Heart Disease- How to Deal with High Cholestorol There is a lot of information about high cholesterol and heart disease; Dealing with high cholesterol doesn’t have to be difficult. Here are some simple things you can do to deal with high cholesterol. Did you know that 150 minutes of exercise, or 2½ hours, a week can reduce […]
  • Sugar – Cancer Relationship-   Does Sugar Promotes Cancer ??   The idea that cancer cells grow and depend on excess sugar was born a long time ago when a German scientist, Otto Warburg, discovered that cancer cells in a container consumed large amounts of sugar. He also noted that these cancer cells lack an efficient way to collect […]
  • Food can help to relieve pain- Foods to Cure Pain Recent research studies reveal that some good foods can cure pain. By eating the right food, you can get relief from back pain, knee pain, the pain of exertion, arthritis, knee pain, joint pain, headache pain, and migraine pain. Good foods are natural cures for common ailments, while, at the same […]
  • Drinking Liquor more harmful for women- New Trend of drinking alcohol causing more harm to women   Though well known that excessive alcohol consumption has health consequences, new study says women in particular are more likely to experience serious alcohol-related complications, including risk increased alcohol-related deaths. Recent study analysing the death certificates of americans over age of 16 from 1999 to […]
  • Cultural Activities helps to live longer- Secret of Longevity. Older people who frequent art galleries and museums, attend the theater and concerts may live longer than those who don’t, a study in England suggests. Even after accounting for a wide range of other health and social factors, researchers from University College London found that people over 50 who regularly engaged with […]
  • Joint Pain Management- How to manage Joint Pain If your pain is mild or uncommon, you are likely to suspect that the cause is overexertion or overuse of the joint. Your first option is to avoid heavy exercises and let the joint rest as long as possible. 1.An orthosis for the knee, elbow, shoulder or back supports the […]
  • Hypertension – An Overview- Hypertension Causes   Hypertension is becoming very common irrespective of the nation, color, sex and age.  Why it is increasing at a high speed.  It is undoubtedly a severe health problem faced by people all over the world. Let us have a look at various factors contributing towards increasing high blood pressure and change our […]

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