• HEALTH BENEFITS OF CONSUMING GINGER- Benefits of ginger 1.Helps to lose weight Ginger can help you to control your appetite. If you consume ginger every morning, you have less desire to eat. The best way to consume ginger for weight loss is ginger water. To make ginger water, you must first boil cups of water. Then add at least two […]
  • NATURE HELPS IMPROVE HEALTH-   Nature a real healthbooster The time spent in nature in nature has many benefits for your physical and mental health, but a new study suggests that it can be beneficial for your health to see nature from the window of your room. According to this study, watching vegetation at home can reduce unhealthy cravings. […]
  • JOINT PAIN MANAGEMENT- Joint pain relief   Joint pain can be a result of many things including injuries, arthritis, illness, infection etc.  The common sign is the inflammation, aching and pain in joints.  Majority of the people experience joint pain in hips, knees, shoulders, back etc. at some point or other. Where the two bones come together is […]
  • Back Pain Relief- How to overcome Back Pain Back pain is not a disease, but can occur as a variety of symptoms without a known cause. It affects people of all ages and races as well as both sexes. It is the main cause of reduced mobility and unemployment and brings with it a heavy economic burden. This […]
  • Problems with Energy Drinks- Energy drinks can cause heart problems Previous research has linked consumption of energy drinks to side effects such as high blood pressure, irregular heartbeat, seizures, stroke and heart attack. One study found that in healthy young adults, a single 24-ounce energy drink can affect blood vessel function. A problem with energy drinks is that they […]
  • Health Benefits of Walking-   Check if your doctor gives you a prescription to walk. Of course, you probably know that any physical activity, even walking, is a blessing to your overall health. But above all, walking brings many benefits. 1. Neutralize the effects of genes that increase weight- The Harvard researchers found that among the study participants who walked […]
  • HEALTH BENEFITS OF PINEAPPLES-   Pineapples are tropical fruits , rich in vitamins, enzymes and antioxidants. They can stimulate the immune system, develop strong bones and help with indigestion.  Though  sweet, pineapples are low in calories. The nutritional benefits of pineapple are as attractive as their unique anatomy. “Pineapples contain large amounts of vitamin C and manganese, and these […]
  • SLEEP DEPRIVATION IS HARMFUL- Adverse effects of sleep deprivation Understanding why we sleep has been studied for years. The Centers for Disease Control and Control finds that one in three Americans does not get enough sleep and that insufficient sleep is associated with several health problems. For example, if you sleep less than five hours a night, your risk […]
  • CALORIE COUNT FOR HEALTHY LIFE- DAILY CALORIE COUNT When most of us think of calories, we think of how a food is fattening. In terms of nutrition, calories are the amount of energy provided by a food. If we consume more energy than we need, we will gain weight. When we consume very little energy, we lose weight, fat and […]
  • LOW CONSUMPTION OF FRUITS AND VEGETABLES LEADING CAUSE OF CARDIOVASCULAR DISEASES ( HEALTH NEWS)-   PREVENT DEATHS BY FRUITS AND VEGETABLES   According to researchers, low fruit consumption in 2010 caused nearly 1.8 million deaths from cardiovascular disease, while low vegetable consumption caused 1 million deaths. The most serious effects were observed in countries with the lowest average fruit and vegetable consumption by age group among the largest adults […]

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