Benefits of Exercise in Mild Depression

Benefits of Exercise in Mild Depression

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It is known fact the exercise provides multiple benefits to person’s body and mind. However this fact is equally true even in respect of people suffering from MDD (Mild Depression Disorder).

Exercise reduces the risk of cancer and heart disease. Exercises help to lower the risk of various infections and also strengthens the person’s immune system. Strengthening of immune system makes the person enjoy healthy life.

According to National Alliance on Mental Illness millions of US adults have depression annually. This is very alarming situation. Though the symptoms of depression varies from person to person, they typically include anxiety, developing the feeling of hopelessness in life, lowering of appetite, loss of concentration and continuous feeling of sadness resulting into lowering of the self-esteem.

Counselling and use of antidepressant is most common treatment meted out to persons suffering from mild depression disorders. However there is a constant need to develop positive attitude, approach towards life in respect of these people. Lifestyle changes only can be real answers to their struggle to overcome depression. It is never possible to make sudden changes in lifestyle for any person, forget about depressed ones. So slowly and steadily the sufferers have to amend their life style.
Following are the noteworthy health benefits of exercise during depression.

1. Boosts chemicals in the Brain – It is now well recognised that exercise is the best natural antidepressant and can have wonderful effects. Engaging one in physical activity increases the chemical called Endorphins in the brain which results in reduction of pain. Exercise also creates a happy mood and enables the person to cope with stress easily. Increase the pace and timing of exercise is best medicine for depression relief. The neurotransmitters affecting the moods known as dopamine and serotonin also increase with increased exercise. Persistently raising the level of activity is therefore right choice of treatment during depression.
2. Easily coping with Anxiety – Anxiety is great mental problem and unwarranted or undesired anxiety causes great physical and mental problems. The symptoms of anxiety and that of exercise’s results are very common – like increased heart rate, sweating and fast breathing. But due to exercise habit body is used to these kinds of symptoms and does not sent panic signals when suffering from deep anxiety. It helps to remain calm in stressful events.
3. Keeping aside the problems – Everyone has some kind of problems. But people under depression are heavily burdened due to past experience or historical mistakes. They are even under constant fear of repeating the same situation in future. They only think negative. But continuous exercising makes a dramatic change in the attitude. Person develops happiness, physical stamina and mental energy to face any kind of problem, which may or may not arise in future. The stamina, vigour, change of attitude all helps depressed person to forget the problems and in case they happen, face them with great courage.

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