Balanced emotions for healthy life

As a human being we come across and experience various emotions in our day today activities. The two most important emotions widely affecting our life are Fear or Guilt.

We experience fear for many reasons. May be based upon some past experience or historical event or being in association with cruel, crook, hard core criminals or something of that sort. We need to analyse our fear. Why we fear – if it is for genuine reason like aim of getting first rank in the most important qualifying examination of the life. It is alright. But having feared all the time about everything happening around us is not good sign. Such consistent fear leads to mental imbalance and even inferiority complex. We should never be under constant fear. Consult your family members, friends, doctors if you really cannot overcome it. It may pave the way to shed the unwanted fear.

Another important emotion affecting our life is Guilt. Person feels guilty for some acts, thoughts, or speech. Many a time in a bout of anger, in proving self-dominance, in enmity we may act rashly, which creates guilt is our mind later on. When we are in silent mode, we feel sorry for such past act or deed. In another way guilty consciousness prevents us from doing same mistake or misdeed again in future. In other words such feeling may help us improve our personality if we look at it from positive angle. A feeling of guilt makes us evaluate our actions and prevent us from repeated blunders.

A healthy person is one who is not involved in fear or guilt. He overcomes both. He is so nice and secured that he does not need to have any of these feelings. So let us be watchful of our acts, deeds, words, gestures and get rid of fear and guilt for happy and healthy life.

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