Bad Habits can ruin your Life

Bad habits can cost you many years of your life

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Smoking, over-drinking, physical inactivity and a poor diet can age you as much as 12 years.
The results are from a study involving about 5,000 British adults for 20 years. During the study, 29% of people died with the four unhealthy behaviors. Only 8% died among people without any of the four habits.

Healthy little steps lead to considerable advantages.
Secondly, and it is truly amazing, people who considered themselves “healthy” in this study (and who had the benefits of rejuvenating 12 years and reducing their risk of death) are indeed in line with the standards of “health.” ,

That’s what I mean … in order to be in the category “health”, the participants had to:
• Exercise at least two to four hours a week
Eat fruits and vegetables three times a day or more (the chief investigator said it would be enough to eat a carrot, an apple and a glass of juice, but this is not optimal!)
• Do not smoke or stop smoking.
• Take less than two drinks per day for women and less than three drinks per day for men.
These are anything but extremely healthy measures. In fact, these are steps that should be taken by virtually everyone, especially the first two!

What I want is for anyone reading this to realize that despite minor positive changes in your exercise routine and your diet, you may be able to radically change your health.

Every step is positive, even if it seems small. when I talk about healthy eating, I mean the food choices that:
• Corresponds to your type of diet.
• They are whole foods without conversion.
They are often raw or undercooked
• They come from high quality local sources.
• They are organically grown or grass fed and contain no genetically modified ingredients or additives
Add a regular exercise program that will test your body almost daily, or at least more than two hours a week, occasionally giving up or reducing alcohol …
Imagine what health benefits it will bring!

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