Back Pain Relief

How to overcome Back Pain

Back pain is not a disease, but can occur as a variety of symptoms without a known cause. It affects people of all ages and races as well as both sexes.
It is the main cause of reduced mobility and unemployment and brings with it a heavy economic burden.
This is one of the most common reasons why people miss work and the third reason why people go to the doctor.

Stretching mobilizes the lower back
Your back and spine support much of your weight while your abdominal muscles support your spine. Once you have low back pain, getting up and moving may be difficult, but low impact activity often helps relieve the pain. It also speeds healing. Exercise and exercise relax the contracted muscles that cause pain.

, A daily training program with strength training and stretching can improve strength and flexibility, which speeds up your recovery and reduces the likelihood of recurrence.

Cobra Position: This traditional yoga posture for beginners is a gentle position of backward flexing that is achieved with both head and floor exercises.
It is also an excellent counteracting activity to relieve the upper back

Avoid staying in the same position for a long time.
Instead, change your position to sit down frequently and get up frequently to stretch or walk.

The use of cold and heat is an effective way to relieve lower back pain. Everyone works differently. For example, the use of ice packs is more beneficial to relieve inflammation and pain. However, they also reduce the circulation in the area and are best used if you do not have to move for a while, such as at bedtime.
Adding heat improves blood circulation in the area, which can also help reduce inflammation over time. Be careful not to burn the skin with a heating pad or hot water bottle.
A third option is arnica oil, a homeopathic remedy that is applied directly to the skin. You can buy products that contain arnica in creams and gels. The compound has a low side effect profile and many find it useful

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