How to get relief from Back Pain ?

Back pain is very common ailment  and most people have it once.  It is more present in people with higher age.   It is the most common reason found for absence from work and seeking medical treatement.Back pain can be of different severity – dull, constant, sudden or sharp.  Acute pain comes suddenly and lasts for few days.  Chances of developing back pain increases with the old age. It may be result of some wrong movement of body   or over stretching, bending awkwardly for a pretty long time, long driving sessions or heavy weight lifting.


If the back pain is severe and does not improve within a week, you should better consult your doctor or physician.  You should also consult your doctor if it spreads down to one or both legs especially below the knee,   causes numbness  or weakness in any or both legs and is also associated with unexplained weight loss.  Normally medicines, exercise, or application of hot or cold packs can relieve back pain.

It is important to identify the causes of back pain and then think of treatment associated with it.  Lifestyle or environmental changes in daily life can provide relief from back pain.  Some of the medical conditions leading to back pain include cancer of the spine, or infection of spine, sleep disorders and shingles.

Some risk factors for higher risk of developing low back pain includes occupational activities, a sedentary lifestyle, poor physical fitness, old age, obesity , excess weight, arthritis, osteoporosis.

Many Doctors feels that Prevention is the best treatment of Back Pain.   Number of recommendations has been made by Rd. Nevins for lowering the risk of back pain, which is listed below.


  • Listen to your body– We must be aware of our body signals and follow them to avoid further pain. Do not indulge in over weight lifting or excessive exercise.
  • Lumbar support – Always have some small lumbar support while sitting. Take care of your postures to avoid back pain.
  • Move frequently – It is advisable not to sit more than one hour in one position at any place. Take some breaks and stretch different parts of your body.
  • Weight management – controlling weight consciously and also adopting healthy diet can help weight management, which is often main cause of back pain.
  • There are various kinds of treatments available for back pain depending upon its severity.  Sometimes even a physical therapy like applying heat, ice, or electrical stimulation or some muscle releasing techniques can also help alleviate pain.  In severe cases injections can well be used.

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