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Avoid Tobacco

Consumption of Tabacco is harmful for the body .Studies conducted in many countries has come to the conclusion that tobacco consumption is not good for health.  It has wide spread relations with number of non-communicable diseases like ischemic, heart disease, chronic respiratory diseases.  It is also a root cause of various types of cancers.


Tobacco products consists number of toxic substances like Nicotine, Carbon Monoxide and Tar.  Poisonous Nicotine leads to addiction. Carbon Monoxide reduces the quantum of oxygen blood can carry thus shortening the breath. Tar contains benzopyrene, deadliest cancer causing substance.   Oxidizing chemicals in it are highly reactive affecting badly the heart muscles and blood vessels of smokers resulting in heart diseases and strokes.

Tobacco is consumed world over in different forms by people like cigarette, Bidi- mostly in India, Cigar, Hookah or directly chewing tobacco, or snuff and even e cigarette.   Tobacco smoke containing number of metals including arsenic, cadmium, cobalt, lead and nickel causes cancers.

Tobacco has been the major factor in developing non communicable diseases leading to deaths. Treatment for cancer or cardiovascular disease is very expensive and thus results in economic loss to the person and his family.

Tobacco affects coronary vessels of the heart decreasing blood supply or death of heart muscles known as ischemic or coronary heart disease.  Tobacco is well associated with acute attacks of Asthma and Tuberculosis.

Smoking or tobacco consumption by women leads to bleeding in pregnancy, miscarriage, premature delivery of baby, stillbirth etc.

Tobacco also increases the risk of allergies and high blood pressure in childhood. It has far reaching adverse effects on the smoker’s immune system including greater susceptibility to different infections, more severe and longer lasting illnesses.

Tobacco also affects the muscular skeletal system including tightening of various muscles and also reducing bone density.

Tobacco consumption also affect the person’s sexual organ in many ways like lowering sperm count, genetic damages to sperms, impotency.  In case of women it results in reduced fertility, irregular menstrual cycles early menopause etc.

As such it is advisable to avoid tobacco in any form as soon as possible in the life.

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