Accupuncture and Acupressure relieves pain associated with Cancer

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Acupuncture and acupressure are effective agents to relieve pain in cancer as per the study published in  Jama oncology, a journal of americal medical association.

When acupuncture becomes a standard method for pain management, patients are less likely to need opioids or lower doses, said Janet Thomson, Chinese acupuncturist and herbalist based in Oakland, California. “This not only reduces the addictive potential of opioids, but also the side effects of opioids such as constipation, which can be really brutal for patients.”

Acupuncturists use needles while acupressure practitioners use direct pressure from their fingers to manipulate areas of pain or related areas in the body, stimulating muscles and increasing blood flow and oxygen.
It’s thought that various pressure points in the body connect through “meridians,” also known as energy channels.
Manipulating energy throughout the body is thought to promote healing and decrease pain through the release of chemical endorphins.
The benefits of treatment

Acupuncture can boost immunity and physiologically do the same work as opioids,by activating the endogenous opioid system, meaning that acupuncture might actually work in similar pathways as opioids.

There are potential immune-boosting properties of acupuncture, which could potentially assist the Acupuncture and acupressure is ideal for treating patients with cancer undergoing chemotherapy as it helps with conditions such as nausea, dry mouth, pain post-surgery, anxiety, joint pain from aromatase inhibitors, peripheral neuropathy, fatigue, poor sleep, and help with immune regulation.

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