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Healthylifeline.net would provide good quality informative articles on health related issues. It is useful for all men, women, children and even old people to know about healthy life and make amend their own and enjoy healthy life.

Though articles are based on great research on the topics it is not the last word or the doctor’s prescription. It is primarily aimed to enhance knowledge about health issues and make life more healthy. Everybody is expected to have medical advice , of their own consultants, physicians, therapists, psychiatrics or whoso ever he or she may be , on any implementation aspect of various suggestions appearing in the articles.

Readers may also find some articles taken from world famous blogs related to health issues and written by well known medical practitioners in the form of synopsis or summarised articles.

The images taken are from royalty free images. Care is taken to include only royalty free images. There is no intention on the part of writer or publisher of this blog to break any law relating to copy rights of images. If inadvertently any premier, priced images appears, it may be pointed out and so it would be deleted as soon as possible.

The website owner or writer or hosting company, nobody is responsible for any kind of medical results, financial loss, accidental, or civil, criminal, tort or any sort of monetary claim or compensation for the use or misuse of the information contained in any articles .The reading and use of it is totally at the risk and responsibility of the readers and users of it. This blog does not contains any medical claims backed by any practising doctor, surgeon or person from any medical background, which please be noted. It is presumed that every visitor, readers, user of this blog information is aware of this fact and does it totally at his own risk and responsibility.

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